How the standards for ascertaining the truth differ between the new scientific views of the world and traditional medieval views - Essay Example

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The new scientific view of the world was a result of the many inventions and discoveries in the seventeenth century in the areas of astronomy, physics and the natural science. The new scientific view was based on reality. What was logic, reasonable and could be explained in scientific terms…
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How the standards for ascertaining the truth differ between the new scientific views of the world and traditional medieval views
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Extract of sample "How the standards for ascertaining the truth differ between the new scientific views of the world and traditional medieval views"

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Scientists often came up with different facts, conclusions and theories but when this happens, the process of science helps in resolving these differences. Science is therefore viewed as valuable as the scientific methods and the scientific community can resolve any differences and come to a generally accepted conclusion because the overarching commitment of science is to “the truth” about the natural world.
The medieval view of the world is based on old traditions and religious doctrines. Traditions defined people and their culture while religious doctrines defined the way people lived in the society. Christians sought to integrate traditions with religion and the result was one God, one church and one truth. These doctrines and traditions explained the world (Barret 12-13).

All scientists are involved in the same enterprise of trying to explain how the world works. They believe in the scientific process of observation, experimentation and the development and evaluation of explanatory theories.

The new scientific view seeks the absolute truth through scientific processes of observation and experimentation. It believes in the existence of fixed and unalterable facts and these can only be reached after detailed scientific investigation. The medieval standards adapted the truth to match their predetermined views. To them truth was based on tradition and religious views that defined what was true. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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