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Health and Culture - Essay Example

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This essay looks at the issue of treating the patients who belong to different cultures and attempts to answer the question how to provide the best possible solution for this problem. The writer of this paper discusses some main purposes why Native American's herbal science is worth investigating…
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Health and Culture
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Download file to see previous pages On diagnosis, I explained him that he had prostatitis and he needed to take some medicine to cure the suffering. However, he conveyed me that he would take the medicine along with some herbal treatment. As a health care provider, I knew that he would not like to give up his herbal treatments. In their belief system it is woven that western medicine alone may not be enough to support holistic healing process.
I quickly realized that American Indian’s healing modalities and treatment processes are to be understood in a different context. The fundamental objective of all AI healing is to maintain a spiritual equilibrium between environment and patient that is capable of transforming mental and physical health.
Kenneth Cohen who is not Native American by birth, presents his personal views from his working experience of 30 years in this tradition. He was trained by Keetoowah, an American Indian, giving him the name of "Bear Hawk" in various healing methods. His long immersion in this tradition gave him the inner sight that how these healing principles and modern scientific findings can unite and cure the disease from the holistic view point of body, mind and spirit. The difference lies between the current medical practices and the American Indian healing processes is that former takes into consideration only the body while the latter mainly deals with the inner part – mind and spirit. (Broome 2007)
Plants and herbs contain active components and do provide biological benefits in activating the body system.
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