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Human Behavior - Research Paper Example

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Human behavior Numerous studies have established that death and its rite do not only depict social values of human behavior, however, there are significant forces that shape the two. These rites and values have necessitated wide pronged studies of human beings in their cultural context…
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Human Behavior Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The Relationship between Death Concepts in American and Arabic cultures While working hard to avoid the reality of death, the American culture as compared to Arabic society seems to esteem violence. Considerable number of social scientists observes that as Americans have soared to repress from their conscious minds the reality of death (Stephenson, 1985). Theological Concepts of death in American Culture According to Stephenson (1985), the eschatology Puritans, was a subdivision of their theology concentrated with matters regarding death. This group positioned the individual in a worrying position at the end of life. This Puritan wing observed belief structure upholding that the fate of all men and women besides that of children was destined to burn in hell forever. It believed that very few people chose by God and known only to Him would go to Heaven. Therefore, there was little that an individual could do except to live as good a life as he or she could. Theological Concepts of death in Arabic Culture The Muslim Holy book establishes the basic premise of Islamic teaching regarding death and that it is of Allah’s omnipotence. Allah makes human beings decide their life span and makes them to die. "It is written." This theory of predestination is fundamental. Orthodox Muslim believes consider that when a person dies, the Angel of Death (malak al-mawt) comes immediately and sits by the head of the deceased and speaks to each soul according to its recognized status. Evil spirits are commanded "to depart to the wrath of God," and good spirits are asked "to depart to the mercy of God." Therefore, both spirits are eventually returned to their bodies and experience everlasting salvation or damnation. The Muslim regard towards dead bodies considers cremation as abhorrent. This approach has had empirical outcomes in accordance to medical education. It is almost impossible to carry out medical postmortems in many Islamic countries. The Avoidance of Death in Contemporary American In America death is often avoided by putting the institution between the family and the dying. Stephenson (1985) cites that George Foster (1979) also established that very few Americans conceive alternative ways of dying. At death, Americans have relinquished care and decision making to healthcares and medical experts. Truly, considerable majority of people find the subject of death to be an unbearable one to tackle and therefore they work hard to avoid even mentioning it. Unlike Arabic, Americans believe in progress. Americans consider that time is linear and believe in progress. Therefore, in this observance they regard and believe that life has a particular direction. Time is very significant to Americans and they quantify themselves in terms of it. The Secularism of Death in Arabic Cultures The Arabic secular culture is similar to the American culture. This Secular Arabic culture has significantly affected Arabic death values; however, the effects are quite different. There have been tremendous effects that Secularism has dealt on the Arabic cultures. For instance, particularly in large cities most people who used to visit graves during days of Moslem feasts are no longer observing the feast (Hofstadter 1955. Observing the forty day period of mourning has become less intense as a result of Secularism in Arabic culture. There are instances of elderly people being sent camps offering home nursing. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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