1.European society was in a state of ideological and political upheaval after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Based on Lualdis sources discuss the varieties of ideological and political responses that begin to dominate public discourse - Essay Example

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French and English literally writers came up with the term industrial revolution to depict the social changes arising from urbanization and industrialization. Innovations accompanied the rising demands of the populations John Kay patented the flying shuttle in 17331 and it was…
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Extract of sample "1.European society was in a state of ideological and political upheaval after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Based on Lualdis sources discuss the varieties of ideological and political responses that begin to dominate public discourse"

Download file to see previous pages These innovations were accelerated by the demand to produce in large scale cheaper cotton cloths, glass ware, baskets, nails and guns to supply to the rising populations. Industrial was welcomed warmly by all and it was a source of excitement for all classes of people as shown by the presence of government officials during the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester railway line in 1830. It was characterized by rapid urban growth which changed the normal way of doing things; the revolution changed the political landscape, social relations, culture and the natural landscape. It was a gradual process driven by innovation and invention that was spanned over several decades. The introduction of steam -driven machinery and large factories necessitated a work force, this made peasants, and workers migrate to the city in search of jobs. The formed the new working class that filled the cities. The rural to urban migration led to overcrowding leading to many social problems and evils that included prostitutions, crime alcohol abuse, and diseases. The social changes were unlike any other seen and many people were shocked by the rapid change in social norms. This was expressed consciously through literally works by poets, novelists, and painters who stressed the need for social reforms
Factory workers increased with increase in factories and the formed a new socioeconomic class complete with a different culture and traditions2. They soon were called the working class and in time developed organized societies having similar interests. These societies supported their fellow workers and instigated the first political reforms by forming labour unions. Poor wages and pollution lead to new levels of poverty among the working class and increased health problems reducing the life span of many. Continued rural to urban migration increased overpopulation levels. Overcrowding and poverty worsened sanitary conditions compromising the primary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(1.European Society Was in a State of Ideological and Political Essay)
“1.European Society Was in a State of Ideological and Political Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1592103-1european-society-was-in-a-state-of-ideological-and-political-upheaval-after-the-french-revolution-and-the-napoleonic-wars-based-on-lualdis-sources-discuss-the-varieties-of-ideological-and-political-responses-that-begin-to-dominate-public-discourse.
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