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Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton came up with contrasting views that led to the formation of two parties with different…
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Discussion: federalist vs. republican debate
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Task: Federalist vs. republican debate Introduction The most significant precedent started by Federalist administrations found in Washington and was the introduction of the two parties in America. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton came up with contrasting views that led to the formation of two parties with different ideologies. The Republican Party had a strong believe for a restricted government intervention which divided the citizens of American support. The paper tries to analyze both ideologies of the two parties.
The Federalist and republican ideologies
The federalist perception was a greater governmental involvement in the state activities. The republicans were against a solid central government and focused mostly on a state oriented government. Thomas Jefferson as a republican was against the approval of the new constitution. This is because they hold the perception that a closer government would make it easy for people to hold it accountable, making it difficult for the government to avoid dictatorship rule. He encouraged sovereignty of the different states, making states accountable and uniting the different states under a sole government that would do away with sovereignty of the individual states (Hamilton 498).
The state had powers that were inclusive of legislation of divorce rights, matrimony and public institutions of learning. Powers set aside for the citizens included right to property ownership and trial by jury. During the reign, of Jefferson together with Madison they portrayed the different ideologies regarding their opinions on many issues. The Republicans supported a constitution that was strong in terms of its foundations while Federalists were in support of a constitution that was loosely interpreted. The Federalists insist interpretation of the constitution has to be done based on the original meaning and a general understanding from those who approved it. The understanding of the constitution needs to put into account the transformative function of the writings in the document. The second clause in the 5th article of the American constitution declares superiority of the federal laws above state laws. This permitted the national government to gain powers enabling America to be successful and steady (Gould 274).
The establishment of the Bank of America designed after the Bank of England was opposed by the republicans. The bank responsibilities were storage of surplus money, printing of valuable paper money as well as circulation of money in American industry. Although, the bank had great benefits to the citizens, it was strongly opposed by the republicans. They believed in banks that were state controlled according to the 9th amendment in the constitution. This is because past records had shown that entrusting of states with developing independent banks would lead to circulation of conflict of state currencies creating extensive economic confusion (Coulter 345).
They also were against a state bank because the central government would have much authority. However, democrats held the view that formation of one bank in the country would unite all American creditors in supporting the present government. This would lead to boosting of the American economy and eradicating domestic faction. The policy was viewed by democrats as significant, as it permitted the government to form a solid banking system that amplified the authority of the central government, efficiency and comfort of its citizens (Black and Merle 126).
Jefferson clearly outlines his opposing views in document C about the national bank depicting the dissimilar views of both parties. Republicans interpreted the constitution strictly as proved in the known documents A together with B giving additional rights to the state by using the rights bill to prove that it provides the states with those rights. The republicans assumed that the American economy requires to be based on agriculture while Federalists insisted it depended on manufacturing and marketable economy (Simon 187).
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