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This has mostly affected the developed and technologically advanced nations who have high energy demands and also want to remain at the helm of power…
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Physics for Future Presidents Writing Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages technological advancements and the improved knowledge in scientific fields, the deductions and conclusions made by scientists have proven to be accurate and even in some instanced averted disasters in the recent past. Therefore, for future heads of state to prevent future disasters from affecting the inhabitants of their respective countries, they ought to turn to scientists for counsel regarding certain issues of national security. It is necessary for them to display some level of scientific consciousness and edge themselves with qualified advice-givers to be able to make more profound long term decisions (Muller, 2010). Environmental consciousness and strategic prowess in decision making would be very vital tools in determining the success of our future leaders in safeguarding the planet.
The comprehension and understanding of science, acts like a compass to our frontrunners directing them to making the most appropriate decisions. There exists pandemonium all over the globe and the urgent matters resulting to all the confusion, ought to be looked into by our leaders and appropriate decisions be made on how to tackle these matters. The comprehension and understanding of science by our prime ministers and presidents is most vital due to the environmental disasters that are looming, due to the way human being are continuously destroying and polluting the environment.
Radicals have made it their goal in life to use the obliviousness of the ignorant leaders as a weapon against them. Resulting to individuals living in constant fear, these radials involve themselves in acts of terrorism. They are using ungrounded justifications as explanations to fulfill their own selfish desires. It is up to our future leaders to put under control such delicate issues without resulting to additional collateral damage. The utmost danger is that of extremists acquiring nuclear armaments and weaponries. Deterrence from these catastrophes is beneficial to each and every one of us. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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