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Short Writing - Assignment Example

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There are a number of reasons I found this article interesting. One of the most prominent reasons is that I have an interest in language and linguistics. While many…
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Short Writing Assignment
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"Short Writing"

Download file to see previous pages Another reason I found this article interesting was that as a student I recognize that writing is an important element of communication, as well as scholastic and professional success; as such, I believe that it can benefit me as a writer and communicator to understand various sociolinguistic and rhetorical aspects of the English language.
The study functioned by mapping a large segment of spoken English as a means of determining the emotional significance of the word usage. While the researchers had anticipated there would be an even distribution of language along negative, neutral, and positive parts of the spectrum, the research demonstrated that a disproportionate amount of the words fell near the positive end. The research is significant as it attests to prominent sociolinguistic elements. The researchers make the qualitative jump that the emphasis on positive word usage seems to be correlated with the development with the English language as one of utility. The researchers contend that as language is a fundamentally social activity the preponderance of positive words should come as limited surprise. Still, they also argue that while limited negative words were used when they were implemented they seemed to be in more meaningful contexts. From this perspective the researchers argue that there is seemingly a ‘don’t cry wolf’ effect in occurrence, wherein language users restrictively use negative language to communicate necessary and meaningful occurrence; conversely, it seems positive language can be implemented more in terms of a general expression of optimism.
In conducting this specific study there were a number of methods that the researchers implemented. As it would be impossible to simply map the entire English language, it was examined in usage patterns as recorded from, “two decades of material from The New York Times, 18 months worth from Twitter, manuscripts from Google Books produced between 1520 and 2008 and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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