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Physics - Assignment Example

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Using the equation; v=u+at, where v= final velocity, u=initial speed which is 0, a=acceleration which is 9.81m/s2, t is the time taken which is 10seconds, then the solution to the equation would lead to a value of (0+9.81*10)= 98.1, that in this…
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Physics Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, by dividing the weight of the pet turtle with the gravitational constant, then the value found is approximately one kilogram; that in this case is the mass of the turtle.
Force acting on a given object is directly proportional to its mass. Similarly, the constant of proportionality in this case, is the acceleration. In an instance that may see, the increase in the force acting on the object, while decreasing its mass, will in this case lead to increase in its acceleration.
Every idea in the field of science has some principles that lead to the explanation of its originality. For this reason, that is why there are always other options of verifying the validity of the facts so that it fit within the demands of the present. Such tests on the facts also make it possible for correction of errors that theory came with from its original inventors
The mistake here is failure to have the knowledge of expressing very huge numbers into standard figures. For this case, expression of 4,000 in standard form would be 4.0*103 which is the correct answer for justifying the figure to have three significant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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