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What are the political beliefs of the American people in the year 2012 - Essay Example

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Whether we think about political concerns of Americans in 2012 or about anything else in another year, we are sure that there are liberal principles and ideas of freedom among them. These ideas are dominant in the modern context of the social development of Americans. The…
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What are the political beliefs of the American people in the year 2012
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Extract of sample "What are the political beliefs of the American people in the year 2012"

Download file to see previous pages The definition of liberalism is the following: the importance of liberty and equal rights are high on the agenda for liberals. Moreover, they are much more concerned about liberal elections, human rights, capitalism and freedom of religion. The ideas of liberalism are the most attractive for me in the 21st century. Nowadays the world is too complex and it is necessary to find the best balancing policy, which will cover economic and social aspects. The power of liberalism is able to perform all these functions on the background of freedom and equality. We can also underline that the ideas of liberalism are deeply rooted in historical developments of the American Constitution. This country has been always been a template of excellence of liberalistic views and considerations.
I claim that America is full of liberalist senses. Freedom is the central concern of the liberal party. The principles of political innocence are deeply rooted in the American liberalism. In such a way, even Locke claimed that the entire world initially was America. Of course, this statement is a kind of exaggeration, but America was free from feudalism. The absence of this oppressing power underlines the nature of free country, which is the main benefit of America above all other European country. There is a free basis for the development of the modern America and there is a chance to develop in accordance with the principles of freedom and equality, promoted by liberals.
Moreover, liberalism in America is of a social nature and it differs from liberalist concerns promoted in Europe. Currently, liberals alter their principles in the name of the government. The state of a social welfare is the most attractive feature for the modern citizens in America. In order to reach this goal it is relevant to cooperate at economical, social and political levels.
In spite of the fact that there are many opponents of liberalism in the country, we can claim that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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