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Violence Against Sexual and Gender Minorities - Essay Example

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In the paper “Violence Against Sexual and Gender Minorities” the author analyzes attitude towards the gender and sexual minorities. According to the author American society has shifted the attitude from negative to positive for the sexual minorities. In some states, they are almost admired…
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Violence Against Sexual and Gender Minorities
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Extract of sample "Violence Against Sexual and Gender Minorities"

Download file to see previous pages Childhood experiences also play a role in encouraging violence against sexual minorities and gender. In the case of Richard Thomas his childhood experience was full of violence and death. This played majorly in making him be violent too. His family members as well as close friends were brutally murdered. Violence became part of his life. According to Martin-Storey (2015) childhood experiences affect the perception and insights of an individual about all aspects of life. Corona, Jannini and Maggi (2014) add that adults are mere products of their childhood experiences. Related to childhood experience, is the environment and the society and the individual lives in. Every society has its own ways of lives and thenorms. There are societies that are radical and may have problems with sexual minorities hence abuse their rights. According to Goldberg (2010) the social setups create what seem morally right to them and violation of these morals might not be welcomed by the society. The society where Sasha Fleischman lived took time before accepting her as s heterosexual because they were never used to seeing males putting on skirts. The state laws and policies may also play a role in encouraging violence against sexual minorities. By failing to set clear laws that will protect the minorities, the radicals may take advantage against them.  Wise (2012) adds that judicial systems may fail to protect the sexual and gender minorities when the stipulated laws bear no clear details on such cases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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