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Literature on the other hand is the actual written or spoken work that represents historical events. However, drawing a definite barrier between the two has been difficult. This paper will thus try to establish the relationship between…
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World literature
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History and Literature History is simply a record of past events. Literature on the other hand is the actual written or spoken work that represents historical events. However, drawing a definite barrier between the two has been difficult. This paper will thus try to establish the relationship between literature and history. It will also confirm whether history creates literature, or whether literature defines history. It will conclusively note the limits of historical criticism in analyzing literary works.
Literature responds to historical events with a sense of art and creativity while early writings influenced the formation of societies and their culture. From my own point of view, I think history is subordinate to literature. The fact that literature will only reflect on historical events even with an added creativity, it demonstrates the inevitable reliance of literature on history (Nichols, 2010). History shapes the existing forms of literature. Hence, it is arguably true that history creates literature though it only forms the backbone. Literature narrates to us historical events to us with abject memory, logic, and ease (Frisina, 2006). However, literature has also borrowed from history in making laws where all laws rely on teachings from the early holy books like the Bible and Quran. Consequently, literature defines history in that it provides a timeline for history and specifically enables us to learn history in a more approachable, understandable and interesting manner. There are limits of interpretation, social and historical dimensions, authenticity, and facts about author’s life in analyzing literary works. In conclusion, I note that to get the definite relationship between history and literature we may need to look at their causes and effects. Hence, a research on these aspects will help in defining explicitly the meanings of history and literature.
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