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To what extent has North Korean foreign policy became less isolationist since the Cold War - Essay Example

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The foreign policy of North Korea is considered as a political construct especially entrenched for three purposes namely: conduct a war, fix grievances, and attain the country’s grand ideological vision (Ebersadt 2005). The “legitimate” isolationist posture of North Korea…
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To what extent has North Korean foreign policy became less isolationist since the Cold War
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Extract of sample "To what extent has North Korean foreign policy became less isolationist since the Cold War"

Download file to see previous pages The tension between these two states has led to the loss of million lives in each side of the parallel from 1948 until 2002 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office 2008, cited in Turku, 2009). North Korea claimed that South Korea is a puppet of the United States. In addition, the North Korea accused South Korea of being anti-national and as an aid to foreign aggressors. Kim II Sung, throughout his reign, asked South Koreans to initiate a revolution that would abolish the US fascist military dictatorship. He further reiterated that armed struggle serves as the only means in order for the South Korea to be liberated from colonizers and oppressors. Kim II-Sung asserted that South Koreans, inspired by the construction of the Northern half and achievements in the socialist revolution, will be impelled to seek for reunification of the nation (Turku, 2009).
The two nations agreed to discuss normalizing their relations starting on August 1971. The Inter-Korean summit on June 13 to 15, 2000, which is followed on October 2 to 4, 2007 in Pyongyang, marked the greatest progress that these two nations took towards peaceful coexistence. The two nations agreed to produce a joint declaration for national unification in the Korean peninsula and peaceful co-existence in the first summit (Moon 2002, cited in Turku, 2009). These historical summits were facilitated by the “sunshine policy” of South Korea. This policy has three principles namely, engage in economic terms with North Korea, respect the sovereignty of the North, and lastly zero tolerance for aggression manifested by North Korea (Turku, 2009).
The present administration in South Korea abandoned the “sunshine policy” term; however, its policy still continues to concentrate on cooperation, principles of engagement, and dialogue with the North Korea. A summit that occurred on June 15, 2000 serves as historical milestones for the two nations. What was deemed as impossible in the past finally ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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