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Expansion & growth is the topic to write about - Essay Example

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Within this context, the expansion and growth of California is noteworthy because it underwent European colonization and attained…
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Expansion & growth is the topic to write about
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"Expansion & growth is the topic to write about"

Download file to see previous pages Later, in the 16th century, California became under the control of Spanish and British colonizers. Gradually, the settlers began to control the indigenous population. The Bear Flag Revolt in the year 1846 in California is symbolic of the rebellious attitude of the settlers and the formation of California Republic. The California Gold Rush (say, between1848 and1855) is another major period in the history of California. During this period, the influx of immigrants in search of gold changed the distribution of population in California. Later, the Compromise of 1850 led to the formation of California as a free state within the United States of America.
Earlier than European colonization, California was sparsely populated because the Native Americans used to settle in different areas of California. The European settlement resulted influx of immigrants and rapid urbanization. To be specific, the California Gold Rush or the influx of gold-seekers resulted in the rapid urbanization of California. The small settlements in California rapidly transformed into towns and cities. Now, California enjoys the largest gross state product (GSP) among the states within the United States of America. Ignacio Gonzalez stated that “In February 2001, California’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 percent, the lowest level since the late 1960s” (351). The growth in GSP is most important because it represents the expansion and growth of California.
In the present condition, the Californian economy depends upon international trade and commerce. Transportation facilities in California consist of the network of roads (freeways, expressways and highways), airways (commercial and general aviation), seaports (for example, Port of Los Angeles) and rail lines (intercity rail lines, light rail systems etc).
Summing, the expansion and growth of California from a small settlement area to a free state and its development is interconnected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Expansion & Growth Is the Topic to Write about Essay.
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