The Transformation of China: From a Central Imperialist target to a Major Global Protagonist - Essay Example

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However, this development in the last 5 years has been fairly significant, as China has now become a recognizable force in the global economy. In recent years, China has had the…
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The Transformation of China: From a Central Imperialist target to a Major Global Protagonist
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The Transformation of China The development of China can be considered to be one of moderate ascent to their current position. However, this development in the last 5 years has been fairly significant, as China has now become a recognizable force in the global economy. In recent years, China has had the fastest growing economy in the world, and this has been the catalyst to the position the country now holds in the global economy. It is a far cry from the historical nature of the perceived nature of China. Labeled a communist menace to the global society, it was a means of holding back the inevitable, China becoming a global force.
China was not always a stable country. Even though, it was the most powerful country in the Eastern region of earth, 1911 was the year, which it began to emerge from its decades of instability. With the rule of the Nationalist Party (1911-1949), China began to develop and move away from the ideologies of imperialism and warlords, who sought power (rule over China).
With the use of Confucian, administration was eliminated in 1949, and it paved the way for Communism through Mao Zedong. His ideologies were based on abandoning a number of the Chinese administration methods and implementing the Marxian versions of the Western governance. It deprived the Chinese community of their traditional capital (ordinary people to generate their own revenue independently), which led to widespread suffering.
The recent trend of the development of China can be traced back to 1970, where there was heavy investment in the manufacturing industry, which would appeal to cheap skilled labor. Recent investment has led to the growth and development of the major cities in China. It has also facilitated the radical reforms in the economy, by creating a more efficient country.
The aspects of communism still exist in China, for instance, all land in China belongs to the government, and the citizens only own the structures built on the land. However, through this regulation, it has served to increase control of the resources promoting efficiency. The strict control of the country’s resources has served to be a highly efficient measure that reduces the element of greed in the utilization of resources, which assists in the economic development.
The Chinese progress can also be attributed to the lessons that they have learnt from their neighbors. These includes, Singapore developing cities using foreign investment, the Japanese industry policies using the Neo-Confucian methodologies, and rejecting Western financial methods, to the Taiwan adaptation of the US methods. These factors have influenced the development of China. Their ideology is based on using a socio-political economy, which are not in accordance to the Western ideologies.
One of the main factors that the Chinese have utilized is the large market of labor. The availability of cheap labor in China, has catalyzed the influx of companies into China, and resulted in the growth of the Chinese economy. The level of cheap labor has meant that the foreign companies are willing to overlook the language barrier in order to establish themselves in China.
Another influential factor is the nature in which the Chinese ‘do business’. Their business culture is based on trust and building relationships that can grow into worthwhile partnerships. In conclusion, the Chinese hold a large value in creating business relationships; this is a fundamental factor in terms of foreign companies becoming successful in China. The simple nature has also facilitated the increase in foreign interest in China hence increasing foreign investment in the country.
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Sang, Ye. China Candid: The People on the Peoples Republic. California, CA: University of California Press, 2006. Print. Read More
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