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The Theory of Imperialism Overpopulation or Political Instability - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the important feature of imperialism. The wealthy nations took every opportunity to conquer and drain the wealth of the subordinated territories by virtue of governmental and decision-making power. Imperialism is also always associated with the autocratic rule of the empires…
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The Theory of Imperialism Overpopulation or Political Instability
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Extract of sample "The Theory of Imperialism Overpopulation or Political Instability"

Download file to see previous pages Among the global imperial powers, Britain deserves special mention. It is often food for thought for the research scholars that how could such a small nation of Europe successfully rule almost all of the world for years. The history of the British Empire builds up as it establishes a relationship with Ireland, America, the Caribbean Islands, and India. Great Britain also had deep past of rivalry with the other imperial nations like that of the Netherlands, Portugal, France, and Spain. The ‘credit’ of setting up of slave trade also goes to the British Empire of West Indies (the Caribbean) and Africa. Apart from slavery, which is considered as the height of all oppressions, the ill effects of imperialism can also be understood through an in-depth study of British Raj in India. One of the fast emerging economies and most promising democracies of the present world, India had been under British rule from 1757 till 1947. Great Britain built a relationship with India through trade and formed the British East India Company. Soon from the company, the powers were transferred to the government of the UK. A country with a huge stock of natural resources, India was virtually robbed of its resources. The scholars of the arena remarked that all the virtues (like ‘punctual’ and ‘just’) of the Englishmen were observed only in Britain. In India, they were sheer greedy and vicious. A noted scholar of the discipline, Burke thought that Indian people would never forget the oppression of the British people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Theory of Imperialism Overpopulation or Political Instability Research Paper.
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