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The Texas State Legislature exercises both authority and responsibility over the people it serves. Alongside legislative powers, the state also enjoys other powers and authority. The legislature also allows for…
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Texas state legislature
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Texas Legislature Texas is the second most populated in the United s. The Texas Legislature exercises both authority and responsibility over the people it serves. Alongside legislative powers, the state also enjoys other powers and authority. The legislature also allows for administrative responsibilities, investigative powers and powers of impeachment (Madden 125). Texas has grown and developed at a high speed, attaining an 80% urban margin in the current times. The Texas State Legislature’s responsibility to the public requires that the legislature carries out public education and awareness on crucial issues that arise in its line of duty.
Policy making and implementation
The legislature is charged with a responsibility to formulate and implement policies on issues that affect the Texas population. Crucial issues are addressed by the legislature on behalf of the people. In so doing, the legislature is responsible for ensuring that all parties bound to the policies being introduced are aware of what the policies entails and its effects on the current Texas State. Public participation in the policy implementation and enforcement is crucial in making the right educational impacts of this legislature. Policies enforced Texas should be in line with the limiting powers of other states in observing Texas, thus an application of typical checks and balances.
Bills and laws, Constitution of Texas and the US at large
This is an important component of the state. Bills and laws are made and passed for the benefit of the entire population. These bills and laws are tailored towards achieving social, economic and political growth and development. In order the goals and objectives of these bills and laws to be realized, the public must be well aware of what is constituted in each and every bill put forward, as well each and every law that the legislature seeks to uphold (Forman 461). In this regard, laws can be implemented and the constitution amended as provided for in the power and authority of the state, prior to that of the entire US government. Checks and balances provides for an analytical observation of the public welfare in the context of the way the legislature discharges its duty and mandate to the public.
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