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The paper 'The Balkan War Of 1991-1995' gives a critical analysis of the war in relation to the contribution of religion to the cruelty experienced during the fighting. The Balkan war of 1991-1995 was characterized by extreme brutality, cruelty and uncivilized treatment of adversaries…
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The Balkan War Of 1991-1995
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Download file to see previous pages The belligerent groups in the Balkan war of 1991-1995 have been described by Gallagher (1999, p. 45), as being from diverse ideological and religious backgrounds. Some of the belligerent groups in the war had archaic and religious iconographies which included perceptions of being the elect, holy, most ancient, heavenly and sacred. As a result there were beliefs among the warring groups that they had a mission to fulfil which came from God. Glenny (1993, p. 211) reveals that the historic military crusades of various cultured nations and dictators who were declared to be chosen illustrates how religion can influence development of war. The religious traditions of the warring groups in the Balkans war and their impact on democracy and political policies are therefore blamed for the fighting in the Croatian region. During the war, fighters were motivated by the need to protect their religious identity against adversaries who were considered a threat to their beliefs and national heritage.

As demonstrated by Denitch (1994, p. 24) the final analysis of the Balkan war of 1991-1995 shows that it was a religious war. Although the war has been attributed to the consequences of differences in culture, incompatible national policies and revenge for previous injustices, religion had a big role in the development of the war. Because the happenings which led to this war were spontaneous, unreasonable and irrational, the role of religion in the fighting is justifiable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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