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Waiting for Macedonia by Ilka Thiessen - Essay Example

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The paper will discuss the "Waiting for Macedonia by Ilka Thiessen", which is a critical research that spanned from 1988 to 1996, mainly considering the way a group of young female engineers in Skopje, the Macedonian capital who waded through the social and political changes that followed the declaration of Macedonian independence…
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Waiting for Macedonia by Ilka Thiessen
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Extract of sample "Waiting for Macedonia by Ilka Thiessen"

Download file to see previous pages The author largely presents a positive side of women in Mercedonia, as compared to the view of women in Bosnia, who are presented as peasantry and solely being in the context of marriage (Thiessen, 16). Thiessen tries to challenge the scholars and academicians who have carried out substantial research, yet have ignored the role of women as leaders in bringing about the required change in Macedonia.
On the other hand, the film “Bosnia: we are all neighbors” is the manifestation of the breakdown of the neighborly relationships that existed in Bosnia between the Muslim majority and the Catholics, mostly the Croats. The film, therefore, addresses the mistrust and betrayal developing on religious grounds during the war in Bosnia, leading neighbors to rise against each other with the minority Bosnian Muslims being evicted by the Christians in this specific village. ( Bringa, 1995). The ethnically mixed village in central Bosnia was torn away by war in 1993, and the Muslims’ houses are portrayed to be desolate as a handful of the Muslims return after the effects of the war have subsided. Eventually, the film emerged from a critical research, where Bringa conducted 15 months of field research in the region in 1980s (Bringa, 1995).
One aspect evident after the war period is the complete change of lives of the entire Bosnian population. A previously coexisting community of mixed cultures was torn in the middle by the war, where friends became enemies; the war divided even families (Bringa, 1995). It was difficult to go to work, and schools remained closed with children being sent away from homes to areas where parents felt they could be much safer than at home. The film presents total family breakups, as the reality of the war dawns on Bosnian people; the quiet village now has occasional bursts of bombs and gunshots. Men spend most of their time chopping wood, while many women are scared and just wait helplessly to the unfolding dramas. Surprisingly, the people in this region are eager and uncertain of the peace plans; they watch news eagerly and earnestly with growing hope of peace plans (Bringa, 1995). This means people are yearning for their once quiet life. Men cannot gather more than three at any public place; the former members of the Yugoslavian reserves have guns. The previously united and integrated Bosnia is now torn apart, and life is uncertain for as the reality of the war sinks deep.
One aspect that contributes to formation of a unified Bosnian state made of different religious practices is the ideology of ‘brotherhood and unity’ and the ‘economic democracy myth’ (Admason and Jovic, 298). The intervention of the United Nations in managing the translation period in the Yugoslav states ensured majority inhabitants and authorities did not victimize the minorities, with all displaced persons being encouraged to return to their previous homes. Bringa (1995) illustrates the returning of the displaced people to be amidst heavy tensions where people were desperately trying to hold on the possibility of coexisting together despite the disturbing tensions and hatred that brewed during the war (Bringa, 1995). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Waiting for Macedonia by Ilka Thiessen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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