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Critical Historical Film Review 300 words - Essay Example

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This movie is aimed at recreating the events of World War II during the invasion of Normandy. This film accurately depicts the battle scene particularly in the Omaha landings scene. This…
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Critical Historical Film Review Essay 300 words
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"Critical Historical Film Review 300 words"

Download file to see previous pages However, the German armored vehicles used in World War II were much harder to depict as very few exist in operating condition.1
The movie counters images of warriors portraying heroism by disclosing the real horror of combat and is in a lot of ways an antiwar story. Although this film depicts war brutality, it preserves the American soldiers’ likeness in World War II as being naturally reluctant to cruelty and bloodshed. The argument presented by this story would have been well reciprocated by a 1940s audience since an American soldier was seen to be patriotic. Further, a family man who went to the battle field was viewed as serving his obligation to both his country and family. In this view, it is in order to conclude that the film’s depiction of the actual happenings of the historical event was quite accurate.2
 However, this film is portrayed not as a 1940s production, but as a late 20th century production owing to Spielberg’s emphasis on heroism by an individual at the expense of the democratic community. In the 1940s, the realization of democracy rested on a sagacity of reciprocity of individuals and institutions largely governing their lives. Spielberg’s story of moral men represents to a great extent the concern of the late twentieth century with the singular person in the past, present, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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