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The idea of post-racial society associated with Barack Obama’s presidency in America was a dream, which shattered with the passage of time due to deliberate ignorance of Government on the problems faced by African Americans…
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Post-Racial Society
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Racial discrimination has always been an evident and an active agent in our society from all can be founded on the vague of reasons; one is unable toaccept. Over the time it has been accepted and supported by people of all times. The idea of post-racial society associated with Barack Obama’s presidency in America was a dream, which shattered with the passage of time due to deliberate ignorance of Government on the problems faced by African Americans.
Lack of employment for Black American has become a problem from quite some time especially in labor where racial discrimination is still deep rooted. According to labor department report the unemployment of blacks increased 10 16.7% the highest since 1984(Censky, 2011). What steps are taken in the past to prevent this issue? Are they really sought about? The question still hangs in air without answered.
The highest rate of incarceration of black man estimated by U.S Bureau of justice in 2011 was 82,595 which make it 37.9%of all the prisoners. The stats have high rocketed and are even more than the enslaved black man in the year 1850 before civil war ( The false image media portrayed played a vital role in depicting the wrong image of Blacks. They are shown as thugs, players, muggers in streets, involved in drugs and hav ing sex with anyone they happen to know. Is this the way we want our future generation to perceive African American around them?
In US today, 13% of the population represent black and over 1 million of the population suffer from HIV in which half of the victims are black. The estimation black sufferers for life are; out of 16 black male 1 is infected with HIV and out of 30 females 1 is infected. Currently 60% women diagnosed with HIV are black( ).Death rate due to Aids is the highest among African Americans. Lack of awareness, usage of drugs, unprotected sex, poverty; lack of access to health care facilities and keeping homosexuality a secret due to religion are the factors later lead to HIV infection for which government should take pronouncing steps regardless of the race or ethnicity.
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Post-Racial Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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