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A Post Racial America Is Still On the To-Do-List - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on the analysis of the crucial social issue, that is controversial in the United States, that is the racial polarization. The researcher discusses the America, that had finally achieved a “post-racial” social status. However, it is not the end of racism…
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A Post Racial America Is Still On the To-Do-List
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Download file to see previous pages There are many religious organizations that practice in the United States. Differing surveys have shown that, very often, religious people are more racist on an average. However, that does not speak for the totality of the religions or every member that practices them. To make such a broad blanket statement about the overall group on the acts of some is the same discriminatory logic that leads to racism and intolerance. However, the racism adopted by certain religious individuals may come from certain beliefs systems that stress ideals that “…increase benevolence toward co-religionists, but increased hostility toward outsiders.”(Rees) This “us vs. them” psychology in beliefs can lead to racist attitudes. More so, fundamentalist religions that are heavily organized with controlling its participants tend to breed more racism, due to the greater isolation, need for conformity, and “outsider” disdain. In the modern day racism is becoming more and more socially unacceptable and multitudes of religious organizations teach tolerance and unity. Racism may exist in religion, but it is not the greatest source. Society is the truest source of racism in one way or another. We perpetuate in differing facets via learned behaviors and belief systems. We make assumptions about a larger ethnic group based in the actions of a few. It is sad that on a certain level racism has, almost, become part of human nature. Ideally when any one group perceives a loss of power, has exercised social, political, economical or, religious, or a physical “muscle” against another group they will fight to retain privilege by maintaining structural “social advantage.” In other...
The researcher states that in 2008, when Barack Obama won the election and became President, many people rejoiced. Many other people did not, as with any election. However, that election marked a very historical moment. An African American was now the leader of the United States of America. This is a landmark and an incidence of great pride and tribute to all of those who have fought to achieve equality and end racism in this country. To many it signaled the end of real racial discrimination. America had finally achieved a “post-racial” social status. Sadly, however, although Obama’s successful election is a historically profound achievement and marks great change in the racial mindset of the country, it does herald the end of racism. In, fact on some levels race played, and continues to play, a huge part in the Obama campaign. Based on the mere fact that we continually refer to his as the “first black president,” placing emphasis on his ethnicity, verifies that race plays a huge role in how we perceive others in society. In the end, the election of Barack Obama does stand as a historical moment. It was the moment when America saw how far we have come on the issue of race. However, when we can look at the candidates and see only their politics, ideas, and proposals, and never once acknowledge the color of the skin, or the ethnicity, of the individual, then we will have come even farther. That said, as long as we keep trying American may very well be a “post-racial” society one day. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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