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The paper is focusing on the two organizations; the National Association of Colored Women and the National women’s party, we get to know of the factors that motivated the formation of these groups and their impacts in the American society. …
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Women and Associations
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Women and Associations Women and associations is all about the information of the US women revolving around their history and their successes based on their lifestyles, ethnic groups, religions and where they come from. Focusing on the two organizations; the National Association of Colored Women and the National women’s party, we get to know of the factors that motivated the formation of these groups and their impacts in the American society.
The National Association of Colored women NACWC, was started in Washington based in America in the year 1896. The main aim of coming up with this organization was to work and improve on the women’s capabilities when it came to their morals, their reasoning, and their progress in the economy. To succeed in this mission, NACWC participated in campaigns to cater for the needs of women who wanted to be part of the women’s suffrage. This movement involved both the Africans and the Americans women who merged to tackle on the issues on how to improve on the education system and to protect the children and the old people in the society.
This organization became prominent, the members were from different racial backgrounds, well educated, and above all people with strong economic backgrounds supported them. Other factors that motivated them to start NACWC were to ensure that, the Africa American based women’s welfare was well taken care of in their societies. They also aimed at protecting their civil rights when it came to matters that concerned registration and voting and they wanted to address the issues that faced military and schools in their communities. The impact of this group led to many benefits in the American societies; where they developed destinations for children, who were helpless, settled and ensured that girls were occupied with jobs and developed schools to promote education.
On the other hand, the National Women’s Party NWP ,was an organization whose members were women, and was founded in 1915. The association fought for the women’s rights in America around the 20th century specifically the rights that would enable them to be equal to the way men were treated. When contrasted to organizations like the National Association of Colored women, which concentrated on the lobbying specific states, NWP dealt with matters that concerned the constitution amendment that fought for women’s right to vote and get places in offices. NWP also fought for the equal rights to be incorporated in the constitution where they campaigned for their conservative of their cultures and their jobs (DuBois, 2008).
The impact of NWP in the American society led to equal rights between women and men. It discouraged forms of segregation that favored a particular gender. The group released a magazine Equal Rights that catered for both women and men informing them about how women’s suffrage could results in developments in the society. The National Women’s Party also emphasized on the benefits of the women’s rights whereby they touched on sensitive matters such as their education, where they stayed, and their health. They represented women who were jobless and of the middle class level who were underrated by the women who had well paying jobs, and men feared to interact with them because of their low standards.
Therefore, the two societies NACWC and NWP differ in a way that the National Association for colored women, offered aid to Africa- American women by campaigning about their civil rights to ensure that justice in both parties was balanced. On the other hand, the National Women’s party fought for women’s rights in general, where they ensured that they achieved the same goals with men when it came to democratic rights.
DuBois, E. C. Dumenil, L. (2008). Through womens eyes: an American history with documents. Washington: Bedford/St. Martins. Read More
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