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The Slavery situation in America can best be described by the Shakespearean expression “A Plague on both our houses” to imply that both the abolitionists and the supporters of slavery had their opinions rooted in prejudice, malice and impracticality. America at the time…
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What is a key fact from the chapter
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“A Plague on both our Houses” The Slavery situation in America can best be described by the Shakespearean expression “A Plague on both our houses” to imply that both the abolitionists and the supporters of slavery had their opinions rooted in prejudice, malice and impracticality. America at the time needed a strong willed and prudent leader but this took long and America was plunged into civil war between the Union States and Confederate States.
The passing of the Proviso Bill by the House and subsequent failure of the Bill in the Senate was a clear indication of polarization. The Bill dictated that slavery would not be allowed on new territories acquired from Mexico but could only be allowed in territories that already supported slavery. The Southerners took a hard line and refused to compromise despite the fact that the Northerners had already compromised (150-151). President Taylor’s plan to admit New Mexico and California immediately into the Union after discovery of Gold Mines in the region were futile because each side, the North and the South, were suspicious of each other (152). Lewis Cass’s support for “popular sovereignty” lost him popularity with the Democrats and he subsequently lost the elections (152). An attempt to bring both sides to compromise and arrive at an agreement proved futile when the Omnibus Bill failed as a package but passed when the provisions were presented separately (154). Any leader who supported either side exclusively lost elections as is evident in William H. Seward’s bid in 1858 (165). During the war the prejudices and malice in the Union States were evident after President Lincoln was accused of war crimes and his wife accused of being a spy (169). Eventually, the Northern States won and one would have expected the North to engage in revenge. However, the situation was rescued by the nationalism and prudence of President Lincoln for he preached unity instead of revenge (177).
Although, the Union States won the war it is evident that both sides had arguments that were not completely objective with sections filled with malice, prejudice and hatred. These vices are the ones that threatened to divide the country were it not for President’s Lincoln’s sincere sentiments of American unity. In essence, the key fact is that the war could have been avoided if both sides had employed practicality and agreed to compromise.
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Remini, Robert V. A Short History of the United States. New York: Harper Collins, 2009. Print. Read More
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What Is a Key Fact from the Chapter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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