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1984 the movie - Essay Example

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Totalitarianism is a state where the government acknowledges no limits to its power and endeavors to take control of all aspects of both the public and private life of its citizens. 1984, the Movie, is a film…
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1984 the movie
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Extract of sample "1984 the movie"

1984, the Movie Totalitarianism is the central theme in the 1984, the Movie. Totalitarianism is a where the government acknowledges no limits to its power and endeavors to take control of all aspects of both the public and private life of its citizens. 1984, the Movie, is a film adaptation of a novel by George Orwell that was written in 1948 and was concerned with the manner in which government completely controlled its subjects. The government controlled the manner in which its subjects were thinking, altered its history and went as far as altering meaning of words to fulfill its requirements. The movie highlights totalitarianism through government’s ability to administer round-the-clock surveillance, limiting the subjects’ expenses, luxuries as well as their actions.
Even though the movie was titled 1984, its main objective was to project the effects of totalitarianism in the future governments if not properly checked. Winston Smith, the starring, represents Government officials even though the type of life he leads is not different from other citizens. At home, he is not free, since the giant television screen he watches, also watches him. When he walks in the streets of London to work, he passes through big billboards that resemble the beloved leader of Oceania, the Big Brother, who constantly watches them in the streets. The government he works for constantly alters history in order to suit their current policies, through the introduction of Newspeak vocabulary of Oceania. Similarly, when one is thrown out of the government, Winston has to go through the daily newspapers as well as the official records until he ensures that the person’s name is erased. This clearly depicts the totalitarianism state of the government, since it strives to take control of its citizens. The movie highlights in a detailed manner, how governments and political parties wield intensive control over their followers. According to the movie, such a vice must be done away with and the citizens should be allowed to enjoy their freedom.
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1984 the Movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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