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World War I rages around the world and you must decide how America will act. Do you decide to join the war? Why or why not? How would it benefit or harm the United States to end their neutral position and send troops overseas?…
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World War I
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You are President Woodrow Wilson and it is 1917. World War I rages around the world and you must decide how America will act. Do you decide to join the war? Why or why not? How would it benefit or harm the United States to end their neutral position and send troops overseas? What is the opinion of the American people? How will you sell your decision to the public? 
Prior to arriving at a personal verdict whether to keep war in chains or set it free, breaking America’s bondage to neutral position, I would examine the chief causes behind the ensuing war. Through conscientious study of the events depicting imperialism, militarism, nationalism, the immediate cause, as well as the underlying intricacies of the alliances formed, threatening unrest to all other nations, I would attempt to figure justification for the next plan of action. Having found that the aforementioned grounds are ceaseless and bearing impact on a global scale, marching out to join and support the Allies must then prove reasonable.
Participating in warfare does not have to mean exhibiting competitiveness yet as a measure to suppress the imperialists along with the height of their militaristic principle, it becomes necessary to demonstrate that emergence of power via American forces in addition to the Allies in defense is likely to intimidate the enemy. In the hope of possibly exhausting the enemies with the idea that endless wars are futile and would only yield to further damages regardless of any projected goal to gain advantage by the opposing parties, combat ought to proceed. As a U.S. president, I understand that I have sworn a delicate responsibility to protect my nation. With the prevailing world crisis, however, accepting the armed challenge to fight in the battlefield is rather an innovation than a mere act of impulse to help others subdue the enemy and fulfill the common objective of world peace.
At this point, to me the presence of U.S. troops overseas, expressing the motive to cooperate with the armed men of the allied nations is a response of envisioning a kind of renewed life for the Americans where, after all the military and political hostilities, living exists with the desired quality of peace and economy. By engaging in the war, Americans can be accustomed to dealing with violent encounters which would serve as tests to strengthen individual courage or make resolute the overall character of American citizenry. In time, once the joint forces with the European ‘Allies’ consisting of France, Russia, Britain, and Serbia manage to defeat the ‘Central Powers’ via Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria, there is a huge likelihood for materializing settlement with diplomacies, undisturbed peace, and stable economy, and progressive state of socio-economic affairs and international commercial relations for the welfare of the Americans.
Long before 1914, some people had started believing that there would never be another great war that World War I has never to the slightest been foreseen with an attribute of terrible destruction. I am aware that, in the same fashion, Americans are not expecting for their country to obtain any involvement with war at the least, more so with the menaces brought about by exploding mines, barbed wire entanglements, and aircraft bombs. Thus, a general American opinion may read an irrevocable ‘NO – to waging war’, knowing the horrible ends it would pay off apart from victory or fortunate twist of certainties.
Despite such troubled sentiment, I stand determined to let my people perceive hope in the light of understanding my ‘fourteen points’ which specifically convey to them how I have undergone stages to come up with a remarkable scheme for peace. I would show and elaborate this plan in detail for the Americans to discern the substance and intent of my seemingly unwholesome decision. If time and opportunity permit with flexibility, I can start promoting my great cause for war through cautious yet strategic ways of handling my leadership and corresponding duties herewith as my nation’s highest officiating body in charge even with small-scale presidential tasks. Read More
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