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Differences between Leadership and Management - Research Paper Example

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This paper evaluates various approaches that would be applicable to a retail sales manager’s role, the major differences between leadership and management etc. Leadership and management styles can be different in different organizations…
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Differences between Leadership and Management
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Extract of sample "Differences between Leadership and Management"

Download file to see previous pages Even in the same organization, different departments may adopt different leadership and management styles. It is not necessary that the leadership and management styles in the production department might be the same as that of the sales department.  
Like many other management fields, people are the major players in the retail sales management field. So, the retail sales manager should concentrate more on devising effective management and leadership styles suitable to lead and manage the manpower resources. “Sales performance is a function of sales skills + people skills + product knowledge + knowledge of the store environment” (Retail Sales Management). Sales skills are necessary for the salespeople and in order to boost sales skills, they need better knowledge about the products they are selling. Apart from that, they should be able to assess the capabilities and buying habits of the consumers around their store in order to deal with the customers with the right strategy. The retail sales manager should be able to guide the sales personnel in the right track in order to boost the retail sales.
Role-playing is an excellent retail sales management strategy. “Role-playing consists of acting out the customer-salesperson relationship by the salespeople. One person plays the part of the customers, and the other plays the part of the salesperson. Next time around, they reverse the roles” (Sales Management Retail Advise). The retail sales manager should formulate such innovative retail sales strategies in order to improve sales and also to make the salespeople well equipped in dealing with different types of consumers.
Leaders have followers whereas the managers have subordinates.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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