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In what ways were racial tensions intensified in the South during the Jackson Era How did the political parties respond Explain why - Essay Example

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The changes in the U.S. social structure gradually resulted into the creation of new political alignments within a one-party system…
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In what ways were racial tensions intensified in the South during the Jackson Era How did the political parties respond Explain why
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Extract of sample "In what ways were racial tensions intensified in the South during the Jackson Era How did the political parties respond Explain why"

Download file to see previous pages Jeffersonian democracy sufficiently served the interests of a group and class of southern and western frontiers including the emerging class of urban workers. The policies introduced by Federalist Party were still common among minority of Americans who still supported the position of the federal government in reviving the economy (Remini 125).
The second two-party system emerged slowly while the Republicans began engaging in regular conflicts over several issues. The followers of John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, who demanded that the federal government still required putting more efforts in a developing economy, became known as National Republicans (Remini 143). The followers of Andrew Jackson, Democratic-Republicans, became Democratic in 1828. During Jackson’s era, his contentious personality and controversial policies created no chance for reconciliation with the National Republicans (Remini 145). Half-way his second term, the rebelling group defected from the party, and became known as the Whig Party led by Henry Clay and Daniel Webster.
The Democratic Party controlled the federal government as from 1828 to 1860, before losing two presidential elections to Whig Party (Remini 131). The democrats soon became the main supporters of slaveholders in the south. Other parties such as Whigs, The Free-Soil Party, the political arm of the abolitionists and the Liberty Party strongly opposed the Democrats (Remini139). The development of new Republican Party that called for the abolishment of slavery, and entry into slave-free states, and to reduce the influence of slave-owners in the federal government, saw them overpower other political parties including the Democratic Party (Remini ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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