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Racial Tension - Research Paper Example

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In several cases in middle class there have been observations of the blacks being violated and sometimes attacked by the whites. The attacks have been major from the…
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Racial Tension
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Download file to see previous pages ere are countries such as South Africa that have formed policies of positive action and empowerment that only aims to the black without attending to the needs of the white (Grunsell, 203). The claims of white discrimination have been through the several murders of white farmers in those countries. Investigations have however thrown away the argument as they think that the murder have been through motivations in robbery rather than the thought racial tension.
Some whites due to racial tension have tried to rewrite history. There was once a claim that blacks were the main cause of apartheid. This shows the extent that there have been racial discrimination and all that was thought to be bad in the old times were linked to the blacks. In some of the countries such as South Africa, racial tension has been seen to grow as a result of economic stagnation in the country. In these economies, there is higher rate of unemployment that is mostly linked to the blacks. The economic growth has been too higher to reduce the rate of unemployment in the blacks. In such countries the level of unemployment continues to rise in blacks while the white are still privileged and are given the first opportunities in the job sector. Racism is blamed for these occurrences. Many whites see the privileges that they have and the policies that favor them and despite the wealth that they have. They see the black as those that are not exposed to any privilege in job sector (Grunsell, 209). After the blacks receiving democracy in most of their countries, there still has been ruling by the whites. Studies that have been carried out have brought out the fact that there is a belief that the whites and the blacks will be difficult to come to trust each other. Policies that have been put forward to solve the issues of racism have failed as there are overpowered by the mistrust that occur between the two groups. In the current situation there is the situation of racial tension all over the world. There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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