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In the context of the American historical documents, The Declaration of Independence qualifies to be labeled as the single most important document. It is a…
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Discuss what is so important about this document
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of the of the Concerned History and Political Science 4 October Importance of the Given Document
The document available at the link given in the instructions is more popularly known as The Declaration of Independence. In the context of the American historical documents, The Declaration of Independence qualifies to be labeled as the single most important document. It is a partisan document that presented to the entire world a moving justification for the American independence and a rational for the severance of the American colonies from the British Empire. The declaration is both an enunciation of some general principles governing humanity and human conduct and an enumeration of the grievances and injustices that justified the independence of America. It makes ample references to the prevalent abstract theories of governance. In that regards it stands to be one of the most important documents in the Western world. The very opening paragraph of this historical document boldly asserts the ideal of governance as perceived by the American leadership of those times, which was based on the theory of natural rights held sacrosanct by the Western luminaries like Jean Jacques Rousseau, John Locke and Emerich de Vattel. This document also stands to be utterly important in the sense that it had a far reaching influence on the American constitution and the future legal interpretations, constitutional amendments and the general American social, cultural and economic life. The closing paragraph of this document is a stirring, evocative and a formal pronouncement of the American independence.
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“The Declaration of Independence”. 2011. US History. 3 October 2011
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