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 Your written response must be at least 100 words in support of your position on the questions.  Be sure to note the chapter number and feature in your…
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American Government and politics
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Assignment 6 Select ONE of the following scenarios for the assigned chapters and complete the Critical Analysis questions.  Your written response must be at least 100 words in support of your position on the questions.  Be sure to note the chapter number and feature in your response.
Chapter 15
1.  What If ... We Brought Back the Draft?
2.  Politics and ... Social Networking.
Politics and social networking is dramatic in many ways. The twenty-first century highlights the modern day of technology in which networking has become a vital component towards propagating for their position. The advent of social network without a doubt has made a critical impact towards enhancing or degrading the popularity of an individual. Presidential speeches are dynamically recorded online in which individuals can discuss their opinions on. Furthermore, networks such as CNN and even white house are on twitter. Although this may seem risky, it allows the government to convey their message and benefit from these avenues of social networking.
3.  Which Side Are You On?:  Is A Nuclear-Free World Possible? 
4.  Beyond Our Borders:  The Impact of Population Growth on Americas Future Role in the World.
Discussion 7
Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board: 
1. Why do laws exist? What happens if someone violates the law? What if the law is not fair or just?  Who makes the law? 
Law exists because it is critical for human existence. It is in human nature to engage in constant warfare. When law is implemented and citizens give up their rights to a sovereign ruler, things seem to be in harmonious manner. When someone violates the law, they are imprisoned for their actions. Prison and fines are the common ways punishing individuals who don’t abide with the law. Congress and the government makes the law to secure the freedom for the citizens of America. However, the process of laws being enacted is a long due process which can be often frustrating not to mention the rivalry that exists between Republicans and Democrats.
2.  Should judges be making policy? Since they are not elected, is it dangerous for those who do not face public scrutiny in any meaningful way to directly make policy? What 
checks do the executive and the legislature have on the judiciary? Does the bureaucracy have any checks? Does the public?
Assignment 7
Select ONE of the following scenarios for the assigned chapters and complete the Critical Analysis questions.  Your written response must be at least 100 words in support of your position on the questions.  Be sure to note the chapter number and feature in your response.
Chapter 13
1.  What If ... Arguments Before the Supreme Court Were Televised?
2.  Beyond Our Borders:  Technology and Islamic Divorce
The concept of Shariah laws is complicated that are handled carefully with Islamic scholars. The shariah insists that a person must say the word “talaaq,” which means divorce in order to obtain that talaaq. If a person says this three times to a same person, he is not allowed to marry her every as the marriages becomes null. The problem is the fact that when men just write the word divorce instead of saying it. In essence, does it become valid if a person does it through texting or email? Indeed, Islamic jurists have pondered upon that issue. Recently though, the Saudi courts have upheld this issue and said that divorce through texting should be upheld.
3.  Which Side Are You On?:  Should State Judges Be Elected? 
4.  The Politics of Boom and Bust:  The Constitutionality of Obamacare 
Discussion 8
Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board:
1.  Consider
the death sentence that is legal in some states.  What should be the 
balance between the rights of society and the political system?
2.  Why is freedom of expression so fundamental to democracy? 
Freedom of expression is critical towards democracy in many ways. First and foremost, is the preamble gives the citizens right to have freedom of speech. This same concept—freedom of speech, was the same right that our forefathers fought for. It enables citizens of America to citizen the flaws that plague our society and address these issues under a hybrid system. Unlike other countries in which freedom of speech is shun, American thrives in this right as a God-given privilege that all humans must have.
3.  How does due process in Texass courts balance the rights on the individuals and the mores of the community?
4.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of Texass Judicial Selection Process?  
Assignment 8
Read the following scenario for Chapter 23 then complete the Critical Analysis questions. Your written response must be at least 100 words in support of your position on the questions. Be sure to note the chapter number and feature in your response.
Chapter 23
1. Politics and ... Judicial Elections
Judicial elections are vital components of politics in several ways. Judicial elections are unique and controversial because they are elected by constituents to be bias and vote for a particular legislation. The relationship of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” can truly be detrimental. Judges should not be biases toward a single party, which makes the whole process more complicated. In fact, judges must rule in cases carefully in which precedents are made. Of course, one can argue that politics and lobbying is centered on money and networking. These are the issues that continue to plague the system in which we live. Read More
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American Government and Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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