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Building of the Holocaust Memorial - Movie Review Example

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It does a good job showing the opinions of a wide variety of people on some of the good and bad things about this memorial.
One of…
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Building of the Holocaust Memorial
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"Building of the Holocaust Memorial"

Download file to see previous pages ions of the gay and lesbian population, and not including these people in this Holocaust memorial could make it seem like they are less valued by the German people, like their murders were less of a travesty than the murders of Jews. On the other hand, many point out that the main targets of the Holocaust were Jews, and the main ideology and iconography of the Nazi party were anti-Jewish, and it is thus important to single out the attacks on Jews against the attacks on everyone else, and perhaps give other people who were victims of the Holocaust their own memorials to honour their deaths.
One of the most interesting sections of this video is the opinions of the original architect and designer of the memorial on what has been done around it. One of the biggest disappointments for the designer was the fact that other people chose to put an underground informational center (the Ort) as part of the installation. He was against this decision, and it is interesting to see how even the lead designer of a project like this does not necessarily have complete control over their project.
“Building the Holocaust Memorial” is an interesting take on the construction of an important site in Germany. It shows that even a simple act of goodwill, like building a memorial to the victims of one of the most atrocious assaults on humanity in history can be fraught with political and ethical difficulties, and that nothing is as simple as it seems on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Building of the Holocaust Memorial Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Building of the Holocaust Memorial Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Building of the Holocaust Memorial Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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Peter eisenman building germany holocaust memorial
...?Peter Eisenman: Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial Peter Eisenman: Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial is a 58 minute documentary that was madefor television and was released on television in 2006. The documentary is directed by Michael Blackwood. Michael Blackwood is an independent documentary filmmaker. Blackwood has produced and directed more than 120 documentary films on subjects of architecture, art, music and dance. These are his favorite subjects and he generally makes documentaries on themes relating to them. Peter Eisenman: Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial chronicles...
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Holocaust Memorial
... My Personal Reaction to an Architectural Work Peter Eisenman’s video, Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial, was about abeautiful monument called “The Field of Stelae”. In an aesthetic viewpoint, it is beautiful and even haunting. The structures are supposed to be reminiscent of fields blowing in the wind and I can see the amount of work it took to build it. Each structure is built in different heights. They are supposed to disorient the person walking through the memorial. I would like to visit the memorial to experience the fun of it. When I see it, I don’t know how to react. It is like walking through a distorted field of black blocks. I think the memorial is supposed to invoke fear, confusion, and a feeling of orderliness... . This is...
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Eitherv the Building of the Holocaust Memorial
...?XXX XXX XXX XXX Reflection David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek David Cole had conducted a wonderful investigation. His video has taught me a lot about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Cole made many decisive blows about the Holocaust and he creates a strong argument. From all of the evidence he reveals hidden truths about Germany’s past. Was the Holocaust as bad as it was publicized to be? I find it interesting how we are still taught the Holocaust in school when there is so much evidence showing that the Holocaust is not half as bad as we are taught. We are taught that internment camps consisted of forced labor with the smell of death permeating in the...
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Germany's holocaust memorial
...Germany’s Holocaust Memorial The Holocaust Memorial by the New York based Architect Peter Eisenman, is symbolic of the hardships and genocide faced by the Jewish population in Nazi Germany under the dictator Adolph Hitler. In my opinion, the construction of Holocaust Memorial by the German government is the best way to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust. Thesis statement: I think that Holocaust Memorial by Peter Eisenman commemorates Jewish Holocaust, honors the victims, and demonstrates the culture of remembrance in unified Germany. Personally, I feel...
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Talk about the holocaust memorial building in Germany
...In Memory of Holocaust Victims “The Field of Stelae,” the monument shown in Peter Eisenman’s video Building Germany’s Holocaust memorial was confusing to me. I do not know how it is supposed to represent the Jewish people who were killed during the Holocaust. I do not see how the structures in the monument are supposed to make a reminder of the people that were killed. Everything inside looks the same, save the varying heights of each structure. There are no etchings or any form of identification on any of the structures. Perhaps the design was meant that way to convey a deeper meaning that I could not comprehend. Every time I think...
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Eitherv the Building of the Holocaust Memorial
... and endless contradictions I am not sure as to what I should believe about the Holocaust. It also brings up questions about Ellie Wiesel, the author of the book Night, in which he writes about his experiences in Auschwitz. Was his book a big lie or was it the truth? When David interviewed his tour guide, Elisha, I found it surprising that she would lie about the room when there was obvious evidence that the chamber was once multiple rooms. I also find it abhorrent that people would be vindictive enough to destroy evidence and build structures to increase anti-sentiment and propaganda. What is worse are the lies that are being told about the Auschwitz camp and the Holocaust.... XXX XXX XXX XXX Reaction paper to David Cole Interviews Dr....
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Holocaust Memorial Visit
...I. My like and dislike about the Memorial I like the idea that the Memorial was built to remember the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust. Ina way, it is the Germans apology of their war crimes during the Second World War and an admission of its guilt. It is also unusual that a country would built a monument to remember its collective guilt becaue usually, countries only erect monument to honor its glory. I do not like the feel of the memorial. Its creepy especially when I am in between those two narrow cobbled stones. It also seems to look bland. II. The exclusivity of commemorating the Jewish victims For a race that was almost annihilated and made extinct by Hitler’s genocide, it is only proper that their suffering... be...
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Building Germany's Holocaust Memorial
...Building Germany’s Holocaust Memorial Peter Eisenman’s memorial to victims of the Holocaust, located in Berlin, is composed of a series of concrete slabs of varying heights, placed in a grid pattern. The memorial has been the subject of a lot of debate, both from the Jewish citizenry and from German non-Jews as well. One of the reasons for this debate has been the fact that only Jewish people are included in this particular memorial. The commemorative structure makes no mention of the homosexuals, handicapped, or gypsies that were also murdered by the Nazis, not to mention those put to death for other reasons by the National Socialist Party. The problem with a memorial that deals exclusively with the remembrance of the Jews... is that it...
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Germany's Holocaust Memorial
... memorial for victims of slavery, and the genocide of American Native Indians. Currently, the proposed museum for slavery has stalled entirely, while the native Indians have the national museum of American Indians at the national mall (National Mall, 2012). Work Cited Eisenman, P. (Director). (2006). Building Germanys Holocaust Memorial [Motion Picture]. National Mall. (2012). National Museum Of American Indian. Retrieved February 07, 2012, from Germanys Holocaust Memorial The German Holocaust Memorial is located at the center of Berlin, between Potsdamer Platz and Brandenburg Gate that is the border between West and Eat...
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Germany's Holocaust Memorial
...Germany’s Holocaust Memorial. Germany’s ‘Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe,’ dedicated in May 2005, represents the nation’s public acknowledgement of the darkest episode in its history: “the attempt to exterminate an entire people” (Thierse, BBC News). The Holocaust Memorial is situated between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Plaza, on a five-acre plot of the Ministerial Gardens. Designed by US architect, Peter Eisenman, it consists of 2700 concrete stele. Each concrete slab is unique in size and shape. The plain, tilting stones, unmarked by any plaques or inscriptions, give the impression of an undulating field. (BBC News). One of the...
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