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 This assignment "Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe"  discusses the importance of the memorial for remembrance of Jews murdered by the Nazis. The assignment considers the narration of Emmaly Reed that the Jews underwent through the greatest time in history…
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Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe
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Extract of sample "Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe"

 The period between 1941 and 1945 Jews was a target of the greatest genocide murder of the 20th Century, which methodically targeted some individuals based on certain reasons and conditions. The dark occurrences by the Nazis contributed towards the development "Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe," as a visible public acknowledgment of that dark episode experienced in the nation. It is such occurrences of the dark days in Germany that is narrated by Emmaly Reed, citing the mistreatments she underwent.
In making a comparison of Roma/Sinti and the Lesbians/ Gays memorial to that of the Holocaust genocide, it is clear that both were establishments of remembrance of the mass murders that the Roma/Sinti and the Lesbians/ Gays as well as the Jews, all who were murder targets of the Nazis. Separation of the memorials is indeed a good idea considering the targets were affiliated to different groupings, despite the fact that all were the targets of a common enemy during the same period. Similarly, ‘Ort,’ underground place of information, was a good idea considering that it contained the names of all the individuals that perished during the genocide. Such idea enables for easy remembrance of the persons that lost lives during the same time and, therefore, a good idea.
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