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Texts of Confucius, think about the Confucian relationship of parent and child (and its corresponding virtue of Filial Piety). Then in a 2-3 page , using the texts as your starting point, analyze the mutual rights and responsibilit - Essay Example

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The character of a mother as depicted in the first part of the text i.e ‘mother of Mencius’ presents a highly respectable and honorable personality. This mother is very wise and protective when it comes to his…
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Texts of Confucius, think about the Confucian relationship of parent and child (and its corresponding virtue of Filial Piety). Then in a 2-3 page essay, using the texts as your starting point, analyze the mutual rights and responsibilit
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"Texts of Confucius, think about the Confucian relationship of parent and child (and its corresponding virtue of Filial Piety). Then in a 2-3 page , using the texts as your starting point, analyze the mutual rights and responsibilit"

Download file to see previous pages All in all, she is a well-rounded figure with a remarkably soft and polite personality.
The following part of the text i.e. ‘The wife of Feng Yen’ however depicts the sketch of a highly unorganized and inflexible lady. All the reasons why her husband hats her and now wants to divorce her are mentioned in the text. To summarise, we can say that both the characters sketched in the two parts of the text are poles apart and its hard to find any similarity between them.
In my opinion, the mutual bond of love and caring between a mother and a child is very important for the better development and grooming of the child. As the famous saying goes “Give me good mothers and I’ll give you good nations”. One thing about the world that would never change is the love in the heart of a mother for his children. This relation is still viable in the world of today. The main responsibilities of a mother as highlighted in the Confucion text include; finding the best nurturing surroundings and atmosphere for her child. This includes the kind of friends he/she interacts with, the school he/she attends, how he/she studies and how much does he/she applies that knowledge to his/her daily life. However, If one’s mother is disoriented like the mother sketched in the second part of the text, it is impossible for her child to become a good human being.
Ignorance on the mother’s part leads to a disaster eventually. It not only destroys her life but also the life of her family members. Her children are not likely to value filial relationships. This is the case in Western households, where both the parents and children are ignorant of each other and indulged into activities such as drinking and gambling. Whereas, the Eastern households value these relationships and share strong bonds within families.
The third part of the text demonstrates an excellent example of filial piety. Although this example is very old and such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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