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The impact of sexual abuse on a child and the child's family. Include a discussion of appropriate treatment for the child and the child's family - Research Paper Example

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This is through elaborating on the ways that children are sexually abused and the impact of the act to both the victim and their family. The paper also seeks to find the possible ways of…
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The impact of sexual abuse on a child and the childs family. Include a discussion of appropriate treatment for the child and the childs family
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Extract of sample "The impact of sexual abuse on a child and the child's family. Include a discussion of appropriate treatment for the child and the child's family"

Download file to see previous pages The use of a child in pornography videos is also regarded to as an abuse (2012). Towards the extreme end of the case, it involves sexual intercourse with the child with or without his or her consent. Therefore, child sexual abuse can be regarded as the act of coercing a child into sexual activities.
There have been complications involved in dealing with this issue, since the child abuse has difficulties involved in solving, because of inadequate awareness of the things that constitute to the act of the abuse. There have been numerous initiatives, from the mental health and child protection professionals to reduce the problem since it is becoming common in the society. There have been very many cases of child sexual abuse both locally and internationally. This is an indication of the level of immorality in the society that is resulting to the insecurity to children in society. This is more accelerated by the use of drugs and exposure to other immoral materials like the pornographic materials that create the incentive of doing these things.
Child sexual abuse results to an impact of there being no apparent effect to others that are very severe. There are those children who are involved in an abuse by family members with a high level of physical force (Wyatt and Mickey, 1987). This results to separation anxiety to posttraumatic stress disorder. Various effects result from the child from the act the sexual abuse includes fear.
The child who is sexually abused often has a feeling that they have wronged someone and that they are subject to family rejection. Others have the fear of having to cause problems to the parents if they report the case due to the reaction of the parents. This is in terms of the parents doing something to the offender that would send them to jail. The child may also be afraid of the offender since they are likely to threaten the child in order for them not to report the case. The threats could be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Impact of Sexual Abuse on a Child and the child'S Family. Include Research Paper”, n.d.
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