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Child Victim of Sexual Assaults and Acquaintance Rape Victims Name of the customer Name of the Institution December 3, 2012 Child Victim of Sexual Assaults and Acquaintance Rape Victims 1. Introduction Child sexual assaults and acquaintance rapes often go unnoticed and underreported in many instances…
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Child Victim of Sexual Assaults and Acquaintance Rape Victims
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Download file to see previous pages 144). Child sexual abuse is very often characterized by the use of exploitation, force or coercion. The child victims of sexual assaults fail to comprehend the seriousness and impact of their involvement in the sexual activity and their condition becomes most pathetic when the perpetrators are either family members or non-relatives who are thick family friends. The increasing statistics of child sexual abuses call for collaborative efforts from the part of counselors, psychologists, social service groups and child advocacy groups. On the other hand, acquaintance rapes are more commonly seen than strange rapes among college and high school students; the major perpetrators of acquaintance rapes are usually classmates, friends, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends or other acquaintances of the victims. The various types of acquaintance rapes consist of party or gang rape, date rape, rape in a non-party and non-date situation, rape by a former intimate, or rape by a current intimate (Sampson, 2011, p. 10). While some of the rape victims are afraid of perpetrators’ threats others are reluctant to report their victimization due to their fear of the emotional trauma involved in the legal process and societal reactions. The victims of acquaintance rape also undergo the same amount of physical, emotional and psychological trauma like the child sex victims even though the society tends to view acquaintance rape less serious than stranger rape. 2. Literature review Researches and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated that chil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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