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Where the funding fathers able to create a limited government that exist today exlain your answer - Essay Example

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The founding fathers were required to stand against a strong imperialist setup and the cause of American freedom involved ample struggle and sacrifices. So the…
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Where the funding fathers able to create a limited government that exist today exlain your answer
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"Where the funding fathers able to create a limited government that exist today exlain your answer"

Download file to see previous pages However, with the passage of time, as the American population augmented and a feeling of nationhood grew amongst the Americans, many of the founding fathers realized the need for a strong government. The issue of limited government was as controversial amongst the founding generation as it is today. The conservatives amongst the founding fathers supported a strong government (Hamilton, Madison and Jay xxi). Those amongst the founding fathers of liberal affiliations supported a limited government that respected the rights of the people and did not infringe on the privacy of the free citizens (Hamilton, Madison & Jay xxii). There was a dominant feeling in the founding fathers that eventually people need to be governed, but also that people do need some inalienable rights and freedoms. The political development in the USA has always been a kind of balance between these two imperative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Where the Funding Fathers Able to Create a Limited Government That Essay.
“Where the Funding Fathers Able to Create a Limited Government That Essay”, n.d.
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