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Describe both the general and specific social conditions that existed for Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia, in the 1830s - Essay Example

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Nat Turner was an African American slave that had the belief that he had been ordained by God to save his people from freedom and this was the reason that he led a black slave revolt in Southampton County, Virginia in the 1830s (Oates 56). However, it is pertinent to note that…
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Describe both the general and specific social conditions that existed for Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia, in the 1830s
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"Describe both the general and specific social conditions that existed for Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia, in the 1830s"

Download file to see previous pages It is also important to consider whether or not the actions of Nat Turner were warranted or not. The aforementioned issues are what would be succinctly discussed in this paper.
It was actually the horrors of the American slavery during the nineteenth century that triggered the rebellion of Nat Turner and his cohorts. It was the anguish that was caused by the alarming increase in the death of African Americans and the annihilation of slave families that triggered the actions of Nat Turner and his followers into conducting what could be described as a rather violent revolt. However, Nat Turner was regarded as a religious fanatic and this could also have precipitated his violent actions in the revolt against the white slave owners. It was due to Nat Turner’s religious zealousness that he was not apologetic in his confession when he was tried in a court in Southampton County (Oates 176-178).
killing of his master and his family was unwarranted in any way. The manner at which Nat Turner conducted his rebellion gives one the impression that he was violent in nature. Nat Turner and his accomplices slaughtered defenseless women, children and babies during the revolt (Oates 101-104). It was due to Nat Turner’s rather careless approach to the issue of slavery that thwarted the abolishment of slavery in the South and made the movement to abolish slavery to lose its grounds in the South. It was after Nat Turner’s revolt that white legislatures from the South imposed austere laws on slaves in the South. It was due to the violent nature of Nat Turner’s led rebellion that it is described as one of the most bloody revolt in the history of the United States of America, a situation that led to the death of about seventy whites and over two hundred blacks. One would be forced to ask, what did Nat Turner gain from this rebellion? If the blacks he sought to free were actually massacred more than the white oppressors as the case may be (Oates).
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