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Write down all of your beliefs – theological, religious, moral, political, economic, social, sexual, personal lifestyle – and then separate them into those inherited and those chosen in response to your actual experience and the experience of…
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Pragmatism - Journal Entries
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Download file to see previous pages Write down all of your beliefs – theological, religious, moral, political, economic, social, sexual, personal lifestyle – and then separate them into those inherited and those chosen in response to your actual experience and the experience of others".
Dutifully, I performed the self-examination exercise and had identified five beliefs which I would like to dissect and scrutinize. These beliefs fall under five of the categories mentioned by McDermott, namely: religious, moral, economic, sexual and personal lifestyle. I chose these beliefs because they have more impact on my personality and on my decision-making processes.
On top of my list and the most influential on my personality and perspectives is my religious belief. I am a Muslim. I was born a Muslim. And I will die a Muslim. I inherited the faith from my parents for which I am very thankful for.
Secondly, I live by my moral principle of truthfulness. Although honesty is taught and learned at home, I am convinced that this is adopted and practiced as a matter of choice. We’ve learned from experience that speaking the truth earns the good favor of our family and friends. In contract, speaking lies will get us into trouble.
Thirdly, I subscribe to the economic system of capitalism. I am a capitalist in mind and heart. I have lived on the rewards of capitalism and have read about the darkness and monotony of communism. Based on my own experiences and the experience of the people in communist, fascist or socialist countries, I chose and will always choose to be a capitalist.
Fourthly, my sexual orientation is “straight”. I believe that every adult person is a reflection of his infant-self, albeit, most of us could hardly find similar traits between the innocent and fresh newborn and the life-veteran adults that we are. Be that as it may, I believe that our sexual orientation is defined from the day that we are born. Hence, my attraction to the opposite sex is an inherited ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pragmatism - Journal Entries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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