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The Role Of Contemporary War - Essay Example

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From the essay "The Role Of Contemporary War" it is clear that War is an openly declared state of conflict. It should be understood as actual, widespread and intentional armed clash between political communities. Contemporary wars primarily occur between groups within the same country. …
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The Role Of Contemporary War
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Extract of sample "The Role Of Contemporary War"

Download file to see previous pages They were also employed as air raid wardens, members of the fire service and also in various voluntary jobs helping their community to get through the war. The services of women are not required only during the war but even after an armed conflict, as they frequently play a key role in the rebuilding of the communities. Usually, in rural areas, they are the chief beneficiaries of the supply of tools, seeds, and livestock to support economic security in the wake of a war. Women also play a significant part in preventing injury from and raising awareness of, landmines, which may continue to cause harm and death to children after the end of hostilities. There is growing acknowledgment that women and children play multiple roles during the conflict. They are not only victims who face violence at the hands of the enemy and sometimes their own people, but can also be active participants in the war, directly as combatants, or indirectly, by facilitating fighting through fundraising or stirring their male relatives to commit acts of bravery required at the times or wars. During the war, women often become heads of households; women and children learn new skills and play a part in rebuilding local economies and communities and peacemaking (Lindsay, n.d.). There has always been a need for women to assist with the war efforts. But historically, they were never allowed to join the military. Women helped as nurses and cooks; in short, they were never at the forefront but assisted the men behind the scenes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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