The Motivating Factors in the French Wars of Religion - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the French Wars of Religion, the conflict between Catholic religious orthodoxy and empowerment of Protestantism in 16th century France, and assesses the relative importance of religious loyalty and aristocratic clientage as motivating factors in these wars…
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The Motivating Factors in the French Wars of Religion
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Extract of sample "The Motivating Factors in the French Wars of Religion"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The Motivating Factors in the French Wars of Religion" discusses the socio-political situation created by the French Was of Religion in order to identify and interpret the traits of change in terms of human consciousness in every aspect of existence.
The French Revolution though is considered as the most radical incident in the context of France’s social history, however, the background of the change was gradually being prepared for the early 16th century and the outbreak of the French Wars of Religion can be considered as one of the most important indications of the change. Though recognized as the Wars of Religion, however, in reality, they were actually French civil wars and religion became a driving engine.
It has further been observed that “… religion was not the only factor that contributed to the French Civil wars. Towns and provinces, which had long resisted the growing power of monarchical centralization, were only too willing to join the revolt against the monarchy. This was also true for the nobility, and the fact that so many of them were Calvinists created an important base of opposition to the crown. The French Wars of Religion presented a major constitutional crisis for France and temporarily halted the development of the French centralized state. The claim to a person’s loyalties by the ruling dynasty was temporarily suspended by loyalty to one’s religious beliefs”. The spread of Protestantism in the 16th century was considered by the French empires as a matter of a serious concern. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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