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The Dawn and Major Outcomes of the Industrial Revolution - Essay Example

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This essay talks about The Industrial Revolution as a starting point for the rapid development of humanity. It affected all spheres of people’s lives and it was closely connected with such phenomena as imperialism and nationalism…
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The Dawn and Major Outcomes of the Industrial Revolution
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Extract of sample "The Dawn and Major Outcomes of the Industrial Revolution"

The Dawn and Major Outcomes of the Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution has become a starting point for the rapid development of humanity. It affected all spheres of people’s lives and it was closely connected with such phenomena as imperialism and nationalism. Many scholars still argue about the major premises for the beginning of the Industrial Revolution: whether it was cultural peculiarities or economical factors (Duiker & Spielvogel 518). However, it is acknowledged that the Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain and spread to other countries of the world.
Great Britain became a favorable place for the beginning of the revolution due to several factors. In the first place, it is important to note that imperialistic policy in previous centuries made this country one of the most powerful in the world. Apart from obtaining countless riches Great Britain gained numerous opportunities for trade.
Another factor which became a premise for the Industrial Revolution was revolution held in the middle of the seventeenth century which led to the new social order in the country. Many people obtained new opportunities to make profits, which were impossible in other “absolutist states” where monarchs and nobility were not that concerned in developing industries and markets (Duiker & Spielvogel 513). On the contrary, in Great Britain rapidly developing class of bourgeoisie tried to use any opportunity and any scientific innovation.
It is also important to remember that eighteenth century was a century of numerous scientific and technological discoveries which were excessively used in industries. For instance, the invention of rotary engine in 1782 was a technological breakthrough which led to the development of many industries, e.g. textile production industry, coal industry, transportation (Duiker & Spielvogel 514). The development of railroads contributed greatly to the development of trade (goods could be transported faster and cheaper). Moreover, the construction of railroads “created new job opportunities” since people could find jobs far from home (Duiker & Spielvogel 514).
It goes without saying that economical development of the country like Great Britain which had connections with many countries worldwide led to the spread of the Industrial Revolution to these countries. It is necessary to point out that the Industrial Revolution led to numerous changes in social and political life of the majority countries in the Western world.
For instance, the revolution is closely connected with such phenomena as nationalism and imperialism. The first part of the nineteenth century (after Napoleon’s defeat) was the era of nationalist ideas rise. The ideas of unified nations ruled in many countries. Basically, these ideas led to national unity in such countries as Italy and Germany.
Apart from the ideas of nationalism many people wanted to restore the old order, the order of monarchy. The old order was regarded as the basic premise for the development of society. Thus, many countries found it possible to intervene in conflicts within other countries to “assist” the nation to restore the “right order”. It goes without saying that such economically developed countries as Great Britain (which was for a long time characterized by imperialistic policies) used to intervene in internal conflicts of other countries.
On balance, it is possible to state that Great Britain was a favorable place for the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and its spread towards other countries due to the country’s international connections. Notably, the Industrial Revolution led not only to technological and economical development, it also led to changes in political and social outline of the world.
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