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Role of the U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on America and the World - Essay Example

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The researcher will make an earnest attempt to examine and present each stage of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s busy life and evaluates his impact on American and his role in world affairs before summing up the life achievements of this memorable man…
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Role of the U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on America and the World
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Extract of sample "Role of the U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on America and the World"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a very long presidency, lasting three terms, which is unusual since American presidents normally only have one or two terms.  He belonged to the Democrat party and introduced many reforms to include the famous “New Deal” which aimed to get people back to work after the Depression. In his work abroad he was respected for his diplomacy and he certainly is responsible for helping to bring the Second World War to an end. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as his family name suggests, belonged to a family of Dutch descent. They traced their roots back to the early settlers of America in the region in and around New York and to a Dutch farmer called Nicholas Claes Martenzen von Rosenvelt who came from Holland right at the beginning of the settlement period, in the early 1600s. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s parents were wealthy and they lived in the upper-class Hudson River area. Both James Franklin and Sara Delano had inherited money and a good education from their parents and the young Franklin grew up in a happy home, very much loved especially by his mother who was much younger than her husband. After homeschooling by a series of governesses until the age of 14, Roosevelt attended Groton, a private educational establishment led by the school’s founder, Endicott Peabody. This was a very privileged schooling: “At a time when most educational reformers stressed democracy and equal access to schools, Peabody attempted to build a school where the ‘best families’ of New England would send their sons to prepare them for future positions of leadership.” In some ways, this background excluded the young Roosevelt from the hardships that other people suffered, such as poverty and exclusion from the good things in life, but on the other hand, the Christian morals and hard-working ethic of Peabody’s school gave him a good moral basis for his future life. Having an educated mother who spoke several languages also allowed the young Franklin D. Roosevelt to develop an awareness and understanding of other countries which would come in very useful during his later career. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Role of the U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on America and Essay - 1.
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