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The Israelis and the Palestinians - Essay Example

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In the essay “The Israelis and the Palestinians” the author discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has its roots since a very long time but the main friction started towards the beginning of the 20th century when Palestine was under the rule of the British empire…
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The Israelis and the Palestinians
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Extract of sample "The Israelis and the Palestinians"

The Israelis and the Palestinians The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots since a very long time but the main friction started towards the beginning of the 20th century when Palestine was under the rule of the British empire and the immigration of Jews was allowed into its territory. This led to fighting between the Arabs and the Jews and to resolve this issue Britain laid a ban on the migration of the Jews but following the mass killings of the Jews in Germany, the resettlement of Jews in the land of Palestine was again allowed. Following this, in 1947 the United Nations provided a plan for the division of Palestine for the Jews and Arabs equally. The Arabs rejected the idea and the Jews were in favor of the plan which resulted in an armed conflict and the Jews were victorious and gained access to majority of the lands and the creation of many refugees (Wasserstein 2008).
The superpower of the world, the United States has supported the Israelis on their stand and has backed the Israelis because it considers Israel to be a strong ally in the region of the Middle East. This is because its support will assist the United States in overcoming the influence of the Soviet Union in the region and another important reason is that it will have a strong military hold in the region (Christison 2000).
Many approaches and plans have been devised to achieve peace and stability in the region and resolve the conflict. These include the Oslo Accords in 1993, Camp David Summit in 2000, Taba Summit in 2001, Road Map for Peace in 2002 and the Arab Peace Initiative in 2007. The United States, United Nations and the Arab countries were involved in these peace processes but no ultimate solution has been reached and the process continues (Wasserstein 2008).
The misunderstandings between the two countries has made it very difficult to reach a consensus on an agreement with levels of distrust being very high. There has also been a rise in terrorist activities from both sides with an increase in the suicide bombings from the Palestinian side. On the other hand many Palestinian civilians have also lost their lives in the use of force by Israeli army (Wasserstein 2008).
The Israeli Palestinian conflict has been in existence since decades and it is high time that a solution to this problem is found out for the betterment of the people of both the states. The superpowers of the world as well as the Arab countries should join hands and work towards creating a consensus on a decision which is approved by the Israelis and the Palestinians and put an end to this conflict and prevent the loss of further innocent lives.
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(The Israelis and the Palestinians Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1)
The Israelis and the Palestinians Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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