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Middle east - Essay Example

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Although oil and scarcity of land has been attributed to the conflict, water remains to root cause of the conflict. Since the creation of the Israeli state,…
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Middle east
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Extract of sample "Middle east"

Middle East Water has been considered a major factor that has contributed to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Although oil andscarcity of land has been attributed to the conflict, water remains to root cause of the conflict. Since the creation of the Israeli state, conflicts between the Palestinians have concentrated on Gaza and West Bank (Gabbay, 2004). The main reason why Israel has maintained disputed settlements in Gaza and West Bank is the need to control water resource in the region.
The Middle East and North Africa are the driest regions in the world despite having massive oil resources. Middle East is a desert region and thus it receives less than 250 mm of rainfall annually. Israel is characterized by Mediterranean climate with hot summers and short winter. The region receives short rains during winter and day temperatures reaches to a maximum of 39 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures and low rainfall indicates that the region depend on underground water for its domestic and industrial water requirements. The state of Israel is approximately 20,700 kilometer square and its inland water constitutes about 445 km2. Inland water include river Jordan, which has its source in mount Harmon. River Jordan is the main source of fresh water in the region. Other water sources such as Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and Hula marshes have salty water. The region also has major well where villagers in both the Israel and Palestinian sides obtain water for domestic and agricultural use.
Agriculture is significant in the region despite its short rains. Farming in this region is based on irrigation. Thus, water is a factor of national interest to both societies. Israel has attained food stability due to its control of water resources in the region (Eisenzweig, 2000). Water for irrigation constitutes about 70% of water requirements in the region. Israel is also an industrialized country and therefore the country requires water for its industry.
The available water is below the water that is required to sustain the region’s water requirements. Due to water scarcity, Israel needed to secure its water resources from the Palestinian people. In addition, Israel needed to secure its water resources from population. Israel occupation of disputed areas such as West Bank and Gaza strip was a way of protecting the water resources. The occupied territories are the main source of conflicts between the Israelis and the Palestinians. However, the conflict has often been associated with other historical factors.
Water from the main water sources is supplied to the people through pipes or transported by tankers. The Israel authority has been accused of establishing discriminatory policies that prevent the Palestinian communities from receiving sufficient water (Doumani, 2007). Water policies that were developed by the Israeli authority seem to favor the Israeli settlers. The Palestinian responds to this discrimination by launching attacks on Israeli territories. Military organizations such as Hamas were established as a response to the Israeli discriminatory authority. The Palestinians respond to this discrimination by launching attacks on Israeli territories. Military organizations such as Hamas were established as a response to the Israeli discriminatory authority.
In conclusion, water is the main factor that caused the conflicts between the Israelis and the Palestinian. Middle East is a desert region and therefore the population mainly depends on underground water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Since the creation of the state of Israel, Israel officials have been accused of discrimination in distributing water resource in the region leading to the conflicts.
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