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In this paper, the author demonstrates why the French Revolution refers to a series of events demonstrating major social unrest and political experimentation which occurred in France. Also, the author describes why the monarchy was simply a result of the fall of the elite social class…
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The Bourgeoisie Success in the Noble Class
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Download file to see previous pages What made France different from these other countries that shared so many attributes was the fact that the French bureaucracy had been allowed to gain enough wealth to make them independent of the crown that had given them such success. “All these social groups and classes were potentially revolutionary or committed to some form or other of political and social change.  … The bourgeoisie wanted a higher social status and a share in government commensurate with their wealth” (Rude 1995) in keeping with Marxist theories. At the same time, the aristocracy was continuing its centuries-long struggle to regain political power that had been taken from them by King Louie XIV. “Throughout the eighteenth century … [the nobles] encroached steadily upon the official posts which the absolute monarchy had preferred to fill with technically competent and politically harmless middle-class men. … Consequently, the nobility not merely exasperated the feelings of the middle class by their successful competition for official posts; they also undermined the state itself by an increasing tendency to take over provincial and central administration. Similarly, they … attempted to counteract the decline in their income by squeezing the utmost out of their very considerable feudal rights to exact money from the peasantry” (Hobsbawm, 1969). In many ways, the revolution can be blamed completely on the greed of this particular class of citizens.
It was the counter-revolution to the noble’s revolution that propelled the working people into open revolt. The central concepts of Marxist economics, essential to understanding the causes of the French Revolution, include the theory of labor value, the disposition of production and the inevitable conflicts between the classes. Conflicts will always persist because the upper class can never totally control the lower classes. Lesser concepts include the idea of increased misery, the obsession with possessions and the consequences of economic alienation. Marx’s theories of labor value combined with his concepts of capitalism endeavor to clarify how the revenue system operates to the benefit of the upper classes and the detriment of the lower classes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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