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The Roman Values That Enabled It to Succeed - Essay Example

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The essay “The Roman Values That Enabled It to Succeed” analyzes the Roman Empire, which was able to succeed because of several factors. It had great practical and organizational capabilities. This was informed of the good religious and political network backed by good infrastructure…
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The Roman Values That Enabled It to Succeed
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Extract of sample "The Roman Values That Enabled It to Succeed"

In order to be successful, Rome avoided the culture of tyranny by having a mixed constitution in which in a single state there are three forms of government which include the monarchy in form of elected executives, aristocracy represented by the senate and democracy in form of popular assemblies (Phiz).

The ambitions and human resources of Rome were growing at the same time. This made the leadership difficult to challenge for years. As a result, Rome organized its plans well and developed a security complex that would enable it to take rid of all its aggressors.

The other success factors for the Roman Empire were fate, determination fate and selflessness on the part of its leaders. It will be wrong to ignore the fact that Rome had very great naval ships and strong navy personnel who could traverse many regions and put them under their captivity. At times they even relied on foreign mercenaries especially when they were dealing with overseas countries.

The Aeneid is the Roman epic poem which talks about the founding legends of the Roman Empire. One such legend is Augustus a title given to Octavian signifying a savior who had brought peace to Rome by ending the civil war.

The Aeneid presents many parallels to the rise to power of Augustus, for instance, the civil war, the destruction of the Troy, the wanderings of the Aeneas, destruction of the republic and finally the creation of peace in the country.

The Aeneid is, therefore, pro-Augustan propaganda since Virgil uses it for propaganda about roman heroes to come. Read More
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