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The Persian Wars - Essay Example

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The essay “The Persian Wars” discusses a period of turbulent decades of conflict between the vast Persian Empire and the fragmented Greek city-states. The divided forces of the Greek army made it easy for the massive Persian army to easily thwart their efforts during the earlier wars…
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The Persian Wars
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Extract of sample "The Persian Wars"

It may be more than substantial to note that most of the facts on the Persian Wars were written by Greeks in what can be perceived as less than objective detail of the account. The tyrants who were placed into office after their defeat at Ephesus in 498 B.C. created further conflict among the Hellenistic states. Sparta lends a hand to Alcmaeonidae to overthrow Hippias in 510 B.C. but it was still not enough to ensure a lasting alliance. The eventual coalition came to be in defense of Ionia wherein the leading factions were able to set aside their differences to be able to overcome Persian autocracy. ii
The emergence of Greece as a strong compounded force made it difficult for the already dwindling Persian force to defeat it. As the war fizzled out, the huge Persian Army, which overshadows the Greeks in sheer number proved to be inadequate in comparison to the combined cunning and force of the Greeks. The internal conflicts among the different convictions within Athens in reference to other city-states were one of the main factors which contributed to the prolonged indifference to finally halt the war. Read More
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(The Persian Wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 300 Words)
The Persian Wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 300 Words.
“The Persian Wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 300 Words”, n.d.
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