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The author of this essay entitled "Loyal Nine or The Sons of Liberty" comments on the group of shopkeepers and artisans. It is mentioned here that this essay paper looks at some of the activities of the group "The Sons of Liberty" in the year 1965-1975…
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Loyal Nine or The Sons of Liberty
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Extract of sample "Loyal Nine or The Sons of Liberty"

Sons of Liberty
The Sons of Liberty was a group of shopkeepers and artisans, initially known as the Loyal Nine. Our main objective of forming the group was to act against the parliament decision on the Stamp Act established in the early 1765. A part from the simple tradesmen, there were also other prominent figures who supported this daring group of ours, but they dared not reveal themselves in the public limelight. For instance Legislatures Samuel and John Adams, Printer Benjamin Edes and the then Boston Gazette Producer, John Gill (Roger, pp.25). This essay paper looks at some of the activities of the group in the year 1965-1975 .
Activities in the Year 1765-1775
1765:-The beginning of our activities first unfolded by the group hanging an effigy of Andrew Oliver on a tree along Newbury Street. Oliver was the one who was to commission the stamps for Massachusetts. Alongside the effigy there were large boots with a kind of a devil picture hanging out of it. The whole idea of the group was to show that public that Oliver was deeply associated with the Stamp Act. The outcome of this act was disastrous to Oliver and everything that belonged to him.
1766:-It was an open secret that the group ruled the entire Boston by end 1766...all the Sherrifs kept it low. We had a common purpose, that was to force all the Stamp Distributors to Resign. All the Merchants who declined to cooperate with our idea to “Non-Importation Act” had pressure applied on them to do so or face our wrath. It was a great success.
1768:-Lucky enough a good number of our members were printers and publishers. This made it easy for us to employ what we simply call “newsprint propaganda” especially in 1768. Where our achievement and activities were made known to all readers. By the time the Stamp Congress had concluded their business we had developed into a very large organization and it was not easy to just brush as off like a simple militia group.
1770:-We had succeeded in attacking most symbols of the British Authority like the Custom officers, Gentry, and Companies. During this active Decade of operation, we made sure that all the Stamp Officers in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey underwent a lot of intimidation and had either resigned or if they persist they would be seized and burned.
1775:-We had a well organized group by this time. All the way we operated with great confidence and Loyalty to our officials with high hopes that parliament would yield to the pressure and repeal the tax (Pauline, pp179).
Work Cited
Champagne, Roger. (1984)"Liberty Boys and Mechanics of New York City, 1764-1774: New York: Cornell University Press. pp. 23-47.
Maier, Pauline. (1991). "From Resistance to Revolution: Colonial Radicals and the Development of American Opposition to Britain, 1765-1776". pp.176-209. Read More
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