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CSR - Essay Example

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IBM is one of the leading companies that help in the provision of both computer hardware’s and software’s facilities throughout the whole world have remained of a significant value to the society and its staff members. The organization has worked relentlessly to ensure that…
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Corporate social responsibility of IBM Company Introduction IBM is one of the leading companies that help in the provision of both computer hardware’s and software’s facilities throughout the whole world have remained of a significant value to the society and its staff members. The organization has worked relentlessly to ensure that societal satisfaction is given priority as a way of ensuring business success besides, gaining competitive advantage over the rival firms. Thesis statement: IBM Company has succeeded in ensuring satisfaction to the society and the staff members in line with their CRS strategy.
For a number of years, IMB has worked in line with other organizations that are of likeminded opinions in ensuring effective delivery of sustainable services to the members of the society. Amongst the benefits that have been successfully delivered to the local society includes sustainable management by offering modern types of machines that, emits less carbon footprints to the environment. Moreover, the company has developed an environmental sustainability and leadership strategy that helps to the implementation of the environmental policy affair to ensure that the organization is at the forefront in advocating for environmental protection worldwide1.
The organization also ensures the maximum consideration of the well being of all the staff members throughout all the branches. IBM incorporates the employees in all the aspects of strategic business plan globally as a way of ensuring that health, safety as well as the environment where the workforce takes place meets the required standards. since organizations are often associated by challenges of health from the workforce, some other extra programs have been implemented which, aims at promoting the physical well being while improving the psychological status of each and every employee who works within the IBM organization. Consequently, IBM is committed to supportive workplace environment by giving their workers freedom and liberty. For such reasons, the employees are given chances and opportunities to seek for other additional benefits with flexible working environments. This practice has been evidenced through launching of childcare in iterative and the creating of global work life fund which concerns the quality independent care of communities while helping the employees to manage their personal issues2.
IBM has also partnered with most of the leading educational institutions and universities to help foster and strengthen information system studies. This has been done to ensure that the students become competitive and be able to meet the current qualification of the job market demands. Moreover, it helps to facilitate collaborative research with academic institutions in almost all parts of the world. This provision has helped to the development of academic research and integration would allow for linkages to the other colleagues throughout the whole world. In addition, IBM has been a provider of business enterprise solution to most educational centers. With respect to this, the solutions to some of their challenges has been sorted due to f the provision of specialized expatriates and knowledge which helps transforms learning paths by provision of hardware and software services3.
Just like the other leading business enterprises, IBM has played a satisfactory role in ensuring the right corporate social responsibility to the employees and the society. This has not only been evidenced through sustainable environmental strategies but also by considering the well being of all the employees across the globe. Moreover, it has collaborated with educational enterprises to offer extensive research strategies besides providing adequate skills necessary to the current market environment.
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Lee, Nancy and Kotler, Philip. Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause. John Wiley & Sons.2011. Print. Read More
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CSR Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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