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19 January 2009: Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama - Essay Example

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The author describes the day of the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama. The author states that it was quite a fascinating day. He/she saw people from all races, age segments and ethnicities thronging the US capital to catch a glimpse of the new President of the US…
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Extract of sample "19 January 2009: Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama"

.This was the time when the first African American became the President of the US. It indeed was a memorable occasion. My thoughts are very strong for this entire event more so because I felt personally attached to the people who were present there. One must not forget the fact that it was mighty cold that day yet millions thronged the Capitol Hill and billions watched it on TV live. It sure was an event that changed lives for the betterment of one and all. I had a tear in my eye when the songs came on the air. I looked back at the time when there was racism all around the US. I felt now was the time this will be done away for good. I had a very solid connection with the entire duration of the event.

For nearly 6 hours I was glued to the TV screen and I felt each and every second that I was there, within the midst of people. Read More
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